Education Technology

Virtual Reality: The Next Big Thing in Educational Technology

Schools and colleges are increasingly investing in educational technologies to improve institutional efficiency, enhance learning and better prepare learners for the demands of the 21st Century, with substantial growth in technology-supported learning over the past two decades and a myriad of new technologies released every year.

8 Tech Tools That Motivate Students to Read More At Home

Fact: Nearly one third of fourth- and eighth-grade students are reading at or above proficiency levels—putting the majority of students in the category of “struggling reader.”

Fact: The more students read, the better they get.

Fact: There are a variety of tools available to teachers that motivate students to read more at home, where they spend a vast majority of their time.

Whether or not your students have books, reading confidence, or parental support to encourage reading at home, you can still help them spend more time reading with these tools.


Non-fiction reading can hook struggling readers—so long as they find something they enjoy reading about. When they do find a subject they like, the…

How to Choose an LMS for Your Classroom

Learning Management Systems have grown significantly in both power and effectiveness since the first computer-based "e-learning" systems were developed in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

The current market is divided into a number of different categories of systems all designed for distinct segments of the educational process. The Learning Management System or LMS is aimed at promoting a framework in which the entire educational cycle can be presented and managed.

At its heart, an LMS is a delivery mechanism as opposed to an authoring platform or research tool. This is not to say some LMS platforms allow course construction. Rather it clarifies the focus of the toolset. For example, the purpose of an LMS like Brightspace, is to not only deliver educational coursework, exams an…

Teaching BYOD: Using Your Personal Devices in the Classroom

What’s working for business may also work in the classroom.

At least, that is what schools with shrinking budgets and expiring tax levies are hoping for. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a growing trend in multiple industries, established companies, and startups as well.

The reasons just make sense. Mobile technology is changing the way companies do business, in marketing, advertising, and sales. But it’s not often we look at education as a business, even though it is.

Our product as teachers is education, our measurement of return on investment is graduation rates and student test results, and our public image is created by how we interact with our communities. With shrinking state budgets, and rural schools challenged with passing levies to cover costs, schools are looking for ways to cut expens…

How WebRTC Will Revolutionize Education Worldwide

One of the most innovative changes to the education system today is the use of video in a variety of different settings to help communicate knowledge, allowing for better distance-based teaching methods. Everything from a professor’s office hours to an entire seminar can be conducted online by using video. The use of video in education also comes with the promise of better long-distance opportunities for those who don’t have access to education right outside their front doors.

One piece of technology that is leading the charge in this video revolution is WebRTC, an open-source platform that allows you to integrate very high quality video, audio and data communication into the most popular education services and apps available today. WebRTC gives teachers and stude…

9 EdTech Tools for Essay Writing All Teachers Should Know About

You were a student once, so you understand how overwhelming an essay assignment can be. If you’re like most teachers, you’ve forgotten all about the moments of frustration and anticipation related to a writing assignment. You think it’s easier for today’s students because they have access to online materials. However, you should keep in mind that all other teachers ask students to complete papers for their courses as well. You may want to find a way to make these projects less of a burden for students.

There are many online tools that can help your students improve their essay writing skills. You’ll notice the difference as soon as they start relying on technology. Check out the following 10 tools!

1. Read-Able

Although the quality and effectiveness of the essay’s argument are somewhat subjective, you still need specific grading standards that enable you to grade it as objectively as pos…