Careers in Government

Are you passionate about a career path that will impact the communities around you? Are you interested in the public sector versus the private sector? If you’ve answered yes to either of these questions, a career in government may be the right choice for you. Working in the public sector offers a unique opportunity to drive change and impact communities. A career in government can also lead to careers in public administration or urban planning. Learn more about different types of roles available within this field below.

Public Administration

A career in public administration can take place in many different settings, including nonprofit management, education administration, and federal, local or state government. While these are a few possible career choices, public administration careers exist in a variety of different fields. Each of these jobs can provide the opportunity to influence public policy. If you’re interested in becoming a public administrator, a master’s in public administration could be a great place to start. Learn more about how to become a public administrator below.

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Urban Planning

A career in urban planning involves designing a city or region, as opposed to a career in architecture which involves designing buildings and infrastructure. An urban planning career can take on many different forms, ranging from city planning to land-use planning. With the growing popularity of cities, a career in urban planning can provide the opportunity to create innovative, mixed-use developments. If you’re interested in becoming an urban planner, a master’s in urban planning could be a great initial stepping stone. Learn more about how to become an urban planner below.

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