How to Support Teachers of Color

Teachers of color provide many educational and personal benefits to students, but often struggle with burnout. Learn about how to support them.

Using Podcasting in the Classroom: Activities and Recommendations

There seems to be a podcast for everything and everyone. And a growing number of people are finding their audio niche: More than a quarter of Americans listen to podcasts weekly, according to The Infinite Dial 2021. The audience is more diverse than ever, spanning all age groups. As of August 2020, Ipsos reports that 1 in 4 children listen to podcasts — a 20% increase from six months prior. Educators are acting on these changes: reported a 650% increase in podcasting lesson plans after the launch of Serial in 2014. The shift from listening at home to using podcasts in the classroom is not without […]

How to Address Trauma Related to Curriculum Violence

Growing up in the South Side of Chicago, Keisha Rembert recalls what it was like attending a Catholic school, where students of her background were not well-represented. Her parents are migrants from the Jim Crow South, and people who looked like her were never talked about in positive ways at school. “I shut down and I didn’t engage because I wasn’t equipped to challenge the power dynamic in that classroom with the truth,” said Rembert, who grew up to become a U.S. history and English teacher in middle school for 17 years. Still based in Chicago, she now “teaches teachers” as an […]