Online Government Degree

For those interested in enacting change through active participation in their local, state, and federal level governments, gaining an advanced degree might be the place to start. A masters degree in a government-focused field can be incredibly advantageous for ambitious students who want to jumpstart their careers in politics.

There are a variety of different career paths within government and politics, each with the own set of skill requirements and degree programs. Although there a variety of degrees that can prepare you well for work within your governmental systems, the degree most generally associated with careers in government is the masters in public administration, or MPA. The MPA prepares graduates to run programs and implement policies that directly influence people, organizations, and systems across the country – whether through government or through work in NGOs and nonprofits.

It is common for those pursuing an advanced degree in a political or government-focused field to already be mid-career and, as such, many people decide to complete their degree requirements online for greater flexibility.

For me information of government-related degree programs, check out our overview on the process of gaining a Masters in Public Administration: