Online Healthcare Degrees

Healthcare is a vast and incredibly diverse field that holds a wide array of career paths, interest areas, and educational requirements. Encompassing sectors such as medicine, public health, nursing, speech pathology, and occupational therapy (to name just a few), entering the field of healthcare presents an opportunity for a variety of interests and strengths.

In choosing healthcare as a career field, professionals are making a commitment to contribute to society by making sure it’s inhabitants are living the healthiest lives they can. For students seeking education in healthcare, the sheer number of degree options available can be quite daunting. Students can go to medical school, enroll in a nursing program, pursue a degree in physical therapy - the list goes on and on. To help learn more about the various professions and educational options, check out a resource created by UC Berkeley designed to inform prospective healthcare students about their options in the field.

The decision gets more complex for working young professionals or those changing careers, as they may not have the time to put their lives on hold to pursue a new degree. Online education might be the most efficient and logistically sound decision in these circumstances - and fortunately online healthcare degrees are abundant in the modern era.

For just a brief glimpse at some of the online healthcare education options available to students, take a look at guides to online degrees in speech pathology and occupational therapy: