2022 Guide to Online Data Science Bootcamp Programs

Data scientists are responsible for interpreting large sets of data and using these insights to help inform decision-making at companies. A bootcamp may help you learn data science online to help jumpstart your career in this rapidly growing career field.

What Is a Data Science Bootcamp Online Program?

A data science bootcamp is an intensive online curriculum designed to help prepare you for a career as a data scientist. If you have a degree in another field, a bootcamp may provide the technical skills to help you move into a data science role. A bootcamp typically takes less time than an undergraduate or graduate degree program and is focused on career preparation. Before you decide to enroll in an online data scientist bootcamp, you may want to become familiar with what data science is and how to become a data scientist.

As you research the best way to learn data science online, think about the online bootcamp program structure that will best suit your needs. Full-time programs are geared to students who want to complete the program quickly and have the time to adhere to a rigorous course schedule. In a full-time data science bootcamp, you may be expected to commit 30 to 50 hours per week. In contrast, part-time programs are generally more flexible and may give students the option to work at their own pace. You may be expected to dedicate about 20 to 30 hours per week to your studies in a part-time data science bootcamp.

You may also want to consider if a synchronous or asynchronous experience would be best for you. In a synchronous program, you attend classes in real-time with the instructor and classmates. In an asynchronous program, you can access lectures and course material on your own schedule. This type of program may be a good option for students who are working or have other time commitments, as they can attend class on a schedule that’s convenient for them. 

At the end of the data science bootcamp, you may receive a certificate of completion or another credential that signifies you successfully finished the program.

What’s Covered in Online Data Scientist Bootcamp Curriculum?

Data science bootcamp curricula usually include learning programming languages, data visualization tools and statistical analysis.

Students may learn popular languages and tools such as SQL, Hadoop, Tableau and Python, and use them in practice projects. Students may also use common collaboration tools such as Git and GitHub to understand how to work on projects with other team members. 

Data science bootcamp programs generally focus on statistics and machine learning. Statistics help data scientists draw insights from data, and those techniques are used to develop and train machine learning algorithms to support artificial intelligence applications. Bootcamp programs will generally use publicly available data sets that allow students to work on real data science problems and understand the process of building, testing and validating models. Through these lessons, students learn how to visualize and present results to display analysis and conclusions.

During programs, students may be asked to develop capstone portfolio projects that demonstrate professional mastery of the tools and techniques of data science. Programs may also include career development projects, such as resume and portfolio preparation, interview practice and post-graduate support.

For students who do not have an undergraduate background in mathematics, statistics, computer science or other relevant degrees, bootcamps may offer lessons to prepare students for the rigors of advanced data science learning. Programs may also offer support in the form of coaching with instructors and mentors in addition to scheduled class sessions, and weekly check-ins for students in part-time and asynchronous programs. 

Online Data Science Boot Camp Admissions 

Admission requirements vary for each online data science bootcamp. You will likely be asked to fill out an application, engage in an interview and complete online assessments for critical thinking and problem-solving. Online assessments are an opportunity for students to determine if they have the knowledge to succeed in the program. Assessments may include questions on programming, statistics and math.

Education prerequisites vary depending on the program’s curriculum. Some programs that cover advanced topics are geared to students with a master’s or doctoral degree, but also may consider applicants with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, statistics or a related field. Other programs are designed for students with little to no formal data science experience. For these programs, it may only be necessary to have a basic understanding of programming languages. 

In some cases, you may be asked to make a deposit to reserve your spot in an upcoming session and make arrangements to pay tuition before the program begins. 

Keep in mind that admissions requirements for online data science bootcamps will be different for each program, so it’s best to refer to the school’s website before applying.

Benefits of a Data Scientist Bootcamp

Why do a data science bootcamp? Many students decide to enroll in data science bootcamps to gain an advantage in the job market. With a foundation in data science, you may be able to pursue a multitude of career paths. Completing a bootcamp program will not guarantee you a job in the data science field, but bootcamps may set you up for success by helping you learn the key skills associated with data science. 

Online data science bootcamp programs are focused on teaching the skills and tools frequently used in data-heavy roles. If you already have a degree in another field, a bootcamp may give you the technical know-how to switch careers. A bootcamp may also be an attractive way to explore the world of data science to see if it’s something you’d like to pursue in more depth with an advanced program.

Whether you’re looking to advance in your current organization or enter a new career field, bootcamps can prepare students for careers in data science by focusing on in-demand skill sets that are immediately useful in a professional setting. Projects may include real-world problems with datasets from various organizations and fields such as health care, financial services and government. 

One major advantage of online data scientist bootcamps is they can often be completed more quickly than a bachelor’s or master’s degree program. While many data scientist jobs require a master’s degree, some employers may be open to hiring candidates who have completed equivalent coursework as part of a data science bootcamp. 

Another benefit offered by many data science bootcamps is ongoing career services such as resume building, interview prep and exclusive networking events. With demand for data scientists rising, a bootcamp offers a way to enter the field quickly compared to a traditional academic path.

Why Become a Data Scientist Online

There are a number of reasons to do an online data science bootcamp as opposed to an in-person program. One of the most notable benefits of becoming a data scientist online is the flexibility. Whether you’re enrolled in a full-time or part-time program, the online environment allows you to better fit your studies into your schedule.

For those who plan to keep working at their current job while completing an online data scientist bootcamp, part-time programs may be a good option since they generally require fewer hours of coursework per week than full-time programs. Some schools also offer a study-at-your-own pace option with flexible starting and ending dates. These self-paced courses are often referred to as asynchronous programs and allow you to watch lectures and participate in class discussions when you prefer, making it easier to fit coursework into a busy schedule. 

Online data science bootcamp programs may feature a blend of content to work through on your own and with other students, with interactive classes led by expert instructors. With online learning, you are not limited by location. You can access high-quality lessons without having to move to a new city. You can build a network with other students and alumni around the country and the world, developing relationships that can benefit you during and after the program. In addition, you’ll learn to use online collaboration and communication tools that have become a part of daily life for many organizations.

Online Data Scientist Bootcamp FAQ

There’s a lot to consider when choosing which data science bootcamp is right for you. Here are some answers to common questions about online data science bootcamps.

What Qualifies You for a Data Science Bootcamp?

Qualifications for data science bootcamps vary by program. Often, the primary consideration for admission is whether you are prepared to complete the statistics, mathematics and programming work that will be taught in the bootcamp. There are data science bootcamps for beginners, which may not require experience in the field. However, in many cases you may need a degree to do a data science bootcamp. Some programs recommend at least a bachelor’s degree in a related field; others don’t have explicit degree requirements but recommend experience in related fields. 

Is an Online Data Science Bootcamp Worth It?

Students may be wondering about the ROI of a data science bootcamp online program. Considering the rigorous course load, it’s natural to wonder if data science bootcamps are worth it to get a data science job. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for data scientists and other computer scientists are expected to increase 22% from 2020 to 2030. This is much faster than the projected job growth across all industries. With this in mind, the cost of data science bootcamps may be considered an investment in your career.

What Jobs Can You Get After Completing a Data Science Bootcamp Online?

Data science jobs are growing in industries such as computer systems design, scientific research and development, management and consulting. Students who complete a data science bootcamp may be qualified for a variety of jobs including data scientist, data analyst, business intelligence analyst and more. While every journey is different and completing an online data science bootcamp will not guarantee a job in the field, bootcamps can teach you common skills used in data scientist roles, such as how to analyze and visualize large sets of data and report findings.

Is an Online Data Science Bootcamp Hard to Get Into?

If you’re wondering if data science is hard, be aware that your experience completing a data science bootcamp may depend on the program’s curriculum and your familiarity with statistics and programming. You may be asked to meet certain requirements and demonstrate your readiness through an online assessment. Some bootcamps, like those that require a bachelor’s or master’s degree, may be harder to get into than others. 

Last updated January 2022