What Can You Do With a Bachelor’s in Business and Management?

Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business and management can help prepare you for a wide range of careers. This degree program is a versatile choice, and it may be a particularly good option if you enjoy working with and leading others. If you’re wondering, “What can I do with a bachelor’s in business and management degree?” keep reading to discover the breadth of options. 

Pursue a Career With a Business and Management Degree

Majoring in business and management can be a great way to begin your career. The skills and information you learn during your education can likely be applied to many if not every sector of the business economy, from financial to sales to human resources management.

Potential business and management degree careers are wide-ranging, meaning you can use this one degree to explore multiple career paths. Your business and management degree may help prepare you for a career as an accountant, banker, financial director, management consultant, marketing analyst, nonprofit manager, project manager, talent acquisition specialist and more. These are just a few of the careers available to those with a business and management degree. 

Keep in mind, too, that business-related careers are experiencing growth and increased demand. Jobs for market research analysts, financial managers, management analysts and more are projected to increase through 2030.

What Does a Business and Management Degree Teach You?

A business management degree focuses on the skills you may need to effectively manage different aspects of a business. You will likely learn about business communication, management theory, how human resources departments operate and even the basics of accounting. You may also learn about conflict resolution to help you effectively manage and lead others. 

In contrast, a business administration degree focuses more on maximizing business efficiency. The business administration field tends to have specializations in areas like finance and marketing, while business and management teaches you skills you’ll use whether you’re managing an entire business or one subset of it. 

Skills That Business and Management Majors Use at Work

Business and management majors may use certain skills frequently at work, including many of these: 

Analytical skills may be important. Leaders may need to be able to think critically and creatively, while also anticipating and avoiding potential issues. They may need to be strategic and meticulous in goal-setting, have an eye for detail and be able to meet deadlines. 

Communication skills may also be important. In addition to being able to come up with plans and ideas, great business managers may need to be able to clearly communicate those ideas and plans to their teams and to the staff they’re supervising. 

A great manager may also need strong managerial skills. Leaders who are charismatic can better inspire staff, foster teamwork and build a sense of personal investment among staff. Attention to detail and natural leadership skills may also be beneficial. 

Explore These Jobs for Graduates With a Business and Management Degree

The following careers for a business and management degree demonstrate the many paths your career could take. Keep in mind that every journey is different, and you aren’t guaranteed to get any of these jobs, even if you do have a business and management degree. 

Management Analyst Jobs

Management analysts help make businesses and organizations more efficient and profitable. They often analyze financial data to identify ways to reduce costs while boosting revenues. Based on their research and findings, management analysts may propose new systems, procedures and management changes. Analysts may work as employees or as contractors, and some may focus on specific industries, such as healthcare. 

Getting a bachelor’s degree may be a way to secure an entry-level position as a management analyst. It’s common for analysts to earn a bachelor’s degree in a field like business or computer and information technology. Earning a master’s degree in business administration (MBA) can make you a more appealing candidate to more employers.

Financial Manager Jobs

If you’re looking for a career in finance, a financial manager position might be appealing. Financial managers help maximize profits for a business or organization. They prepare and monitor financial statements, supervise the financial reporting and budgeting process and often analyze financial reports to help reduce costs and improve profits. 

Financial managers may need to be very knowledgeable about tax laws and financial regulations that affect the business. They usually have a bachelor’s degree in a field like business or economics. In addition to that education, most financial managers will have at least five years of experience working in a business or financial field. 

Sales Manager Jobs

Sales managers oversee teams of sales representatives and help to ensure that sales of goods and services run smoothly. A sales manager will often analyze statistics and identify changes that can improve sales performance, assign sales territories and set quotas for sales representatives, help to train staff and project sales and profitability. 

For a career in sales, most sales managers have a bachelor’s degree. They may take courses in topics like accounting, economics and business law. Most sales managers may need to have previous work experience in sales, often ranging from one to five years. It’s common for a sales manager to have held another type of position, such as a retail sales worker or manufacturing sales representative, before taking on the added responsibility of a management role.

Project Manager Jobs

A project manager is responsible for all phases of a project and ensures the project goes smoothly. The manager is involved in planning, executing and completing a project, and will manage the project team, budget and more. Other responsibilities include providing moral support, leading the team and managing deadlines and accountability.

If you want a career in project management, a bachelor’s degree may be beneficial. A bachelor’s degree in business management can prepare you for most project management careers, but you might also want to choose a program in project management. Completing an internship and getting experience in entry-level positions can also help prepare you for your career. 

Marketing Manager Jobs

Marketing managers help businesses determine and generate demand for their products and services. A manager may help develop a pricing strategy to maximize profits while ensuring those products still appeal to customers. Managers may monitor product and service trends, support the development process and create marketing plans alongside sales, public relations and product development teams. 

If you want a career in marketing, be aware that most marketing management positions require you to have a bachelor’s degree. That degree is often in marketing or a field like computer and information technology. Marketing managers often have previous work experience, which might include a college internship and experience working as a purchasing agent or public relations specialist. 

Human Resources Manager Jobs

Human resources managers are integral to the administrative operations of a business. They oversee employee relations and recruitment and important services like payroll, benefits, employee training and talent development. 

To prepare for a management career in human resources, plan to earn at least a bachelor’s degree. A bachelor’s degree in a field like human resources or business management is helpful. Some employers may require a master’s degree in human resources or business administration. Work experience, particularly in a leadership role, may also be important.

Account Manager Jobs

Account managers engage with customers and ensure their accounts are properly maintained and managed. An account manager will typically act as a customer service representative, a financial adviser and a salesperson. They help maintain the customer’s relationship with the business and focus on ensuring customer satisfaction. 

For most account management jobs, a bachelor’s degree may be beneficial. Most jobs require three to five years of experience. Communication skills, the ability to build effective relationships, customer service and sales skills are also valuable. 

Administrative Services Manager Jobs

Administrative services managers oversee activities to keep businesses running smoothly. They might be responsible for supervising staff, creating and evaluating records, overseeing facility maintenance and ensuring that operations like printing, copying, recycling and recordkeeping run efficiently. 

A bachelor’s degree may be beneficial to become an administrative services manager, although some people enter this field with a high school diploma. Some positions will require previous experience in management and leadership positions. Professional certificates are also available and can make you a more compelling candidate for particularly competitive positions.

Business Consulting Jobs

Business consultants help to ensure that businesses run efficiently and smoothly. They may analyze business performance to identify problems and then create and implement solutions. A consultant might train employees, supplement staff and provide valuable expertise to help implement change in a business. 

Most employers will require a business consultant to have a bachelor’s degree, though some positions with greater scope may require a master’s degree. If you’re planning on a career in consulting in certain industries, like the financial industry, you may need special licenses or certifications, like a Certified Public Accountant or Certified Management Accountant. 

Are Business Management Majors in Demand?

Pursuing a business management major can prepare you for a variety of career paths, and these positions are very much in demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that market research analysts, general and operations managers, and management analysts are among the top 20 occupations with the highest projected growth in employment from 2020 through 2030. Employment for market research analysts is expected to increase by 163,600 jobs, while management analyst employment should grow by 124,400. 

Do business and management jobs pay well? While your experience and location will factor into your pay, many careers in business management pay well. For example, the 2021 median pay for management analysts was $93,000 per year and $73,570 for project management and business operations specialists. Highly in-demand market research analysts earned a median pay of $63,920 per year, while financial managers took home a median annual salary of $131,710.

Business management fields are growing rapidly, and employment for these types of jobs is predicted to continue to increase through 2030. That demand, paired with the higher salaries offered for many positions, means that pursuing a career in business management may be a sound option. 

Why Pursue a Career With a BA in Business and Management?

So, how useful is a business and management degree? On paper, there are many logical reasons to pursue a BA in business and management. This versatile degree may help open many potential career paths. There’s increased demand for many of these positions, which can mean job security and potential for advancement. Many of these jobs pay well and may offer financial security. 

But is business and management worth it? Only you can decide that. While job opportunities and higher pay are definite perks, it’s also important for you to pursue a career you will enjoy. 

One of the benefits of a BA in business management is that it can prepare you for a variety of careers. If you discover one career path isn’t right for you, chances are you can rely on those same skills you’ve gained from your education to explore another career path. 

Choosing your degree may not be easy, but if you’re interested in the business world and want to explore different business-related careers, then you might find that a business and management degree is the right choice for you and your goals. 

Last updated May 2022