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But just like many other elements of the job, the act of teaching is personal. No two teachers are the same. The way you teach is unique to you and by teaching you bring yourself to the classroom: your personality, your experiences and your ambitions. Your pedagogy your teaching style is shaped by these characteristics, influenced by your own education, and becomes the guide you use to teach your students.

But learning is a cooperative effort, requiring engagement on the parts of both students and teachers. Each student also has their own learning style: They learn at their own pace and in their own ways. While it is important to establish your teaching style, you should also be flexible enough to take the learning styles of your students into account. You can be guided by a general pedagogy while also being considerate of your students varying needs. Great teachers find balance between a curriculum-centered and a student-centered approach.

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Teaching at its most literal level educating, imparting knowledge is the most fundamental part of a teacher’s job. It is more obvious than (though just as important as) inspiring, motivating and forming relationships.

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