Find HBCU Online Degree Programs and Colleges

Historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) provide students with a culturally diverse learning environment that may help them achieve success. But is it possible to enjoy the benefits of an HBCU education through an online program? Rest assured—it is possible. Keep reading to learn more about online HBCU degrees and colleges.

Can You Attend an Online HBCU Program?

Yes, you can attend an HBCU online. There are a variety of online degrees offered by HBCUs that carry the same authority as if the degree were earned through an on-campus program. While some HBCU students may prefer the on-campus experience, others may prefer the flexibility provided by an online degree program. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the demand for more online education programs for college students, and many schools introduced new methods of online learning during this time. 

When you attend an HBCU online, you are able to enjoy all the benefits of an online education—such as the ability to complete coursework when it fits your schedule—while still experiencing the supportive community for which HBCUs are known. Online degrees are available from HBCUs in a wide range of programs and degree levels to serve students with many different interests and goals. 

What Are the Requirements for an Online Degree From an HBCU?

Admission requirements for online HBCU programs are often similar to those for on-campus programs, but there are some differences. For example, Morehouse College recommends that applicants for early admission to their on-campus programs have at least a 3.5 high school GPA (on a 4.0 scale). Comparatively, Morehouse Online requires applicants to have already earned some college credits (26 are recommended) before they apply. A cumulative GPA of 2.75 is required for those college credits.

Another possible difference in admissions requirements is related to standardized test scores. For example, on-campus Morehouse students are required to submit ACT or SAT scores with their applications, while there is no SAT requirement and no ACT requirement for Morehouse Online applicants. If you are interested in an online graduate program with an HBCU, there may be no GRE requirement and no GMAT requirement for applicants.

Some online HBCU colleges might not require certain test scores, while others do. Be sure to check the requirements of the specific schools you’re interested in before filling out an application. 

Which Historically Black Colleges and Universities Offer Online Degrees?  

There are currently more than 100 HBCUs in America as of January 2020, according to the U.S. Department of Education, but not all of them offer online programs. However, with the boom of online education in recent years, it is likely that online HBCU degree programs will become more and more common. 

Undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs are available online from highly respected HBCUs across the country. Online certificate programs at various levels are also available from these institutions.

It is possible to enjoy all the benefits of attending an HBCU while studying remotely. Many schools strive to make resources such as library access and career services as available as possible for online students. In addition, academic and financial aid advising are easy to access from home. Perhaps most importantly, obtaining your degree from an online HBCU allows you to experience the quality education offered by these renowned institutions from your own home. 

HBCU Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs

The following schools offer online HBCU bachelor’s degrees that may help you meet your academic goals. Be sure to check with each individual school for specific application requirements. 

SchoolDegree Type
Alabama A&M University
Albany State University
Hampton University
Howard University
Morgan State University
Morehouse College
North Carolina A&T State University

HBCU Online Master’s Programs

Listed below are online HBCU master’s degrees, including online HBCU MBA programs. 

SchoolDegree Type
Alabama A&M University
Albany State University
Hampton University
Howard University
Lincoln University
Morgan State University
North Carolina A&T State University
• Master of Science in Agricultural Education at North Carolina A&T
• Master of Business Administration at North Carolina A&T
• Master of Science in Information Technology at North Carolina A&T
• Master of Arts in Teaching – Biology Education at North Carolina A&T
• Master of Arts in Teaching – Business Education at North Carolina A&T
• Master of Arts in Teaching – Chemistry Education at North Carolina A&T
• Master of Arts in Teaching – Elementary Education at North Carolina A&T
• Master of Arts in Teaching – English Education at North Carolina A&T
• Master of Arts in Teaching – Family & Consumer Sciences at North Carolina A&T
• Master of Arts in Teaching – History Education at North Carolina A&T
• Master of Arts in Teaching – Mathematics Education at North Carolina A&T
• Master of Arts in Teaching – Technology Education at North Carolina A&T
• Master of Science in Technology Management at North Carolina A&T
Tuskegee University

HBCU Online Doctoral Degree

If you are interested in pursuing an online HBCU doctorate degree, there are many options available to you. The following table highlights some HBCUs that provide doctorate degrees which can be completed fully online. 

HBCU Online Certificate Programs

Online HBCU certificate programs may provide a way for students to advance their skill sets and achieve their academic goals without completing a full degree program. Many HBCUs offer online certificate programs, including those listed below. 

Tips for Attending an HBCU Online

Online classes can be convenient for students who have busy schedules. If work and family commitments make it difficult to attend a traditional on-campus program, an online program may help you achieve your academic goals without making sacrifices in other important areas of your life.

However, HBCU online degree programs still require diligence and time. If your online course meets at scheduled times, be sure to attend those virtual classes. To get the most out of the experience, ask questions and participate in class discussions. If your classes are asynchronous, don’t skip any videos or other assignments.  

Online learning makes communication even more critical to your success. Don’t hesitate to email your instructors if anything is unclear regarding assignments, due dates or general course expectations. Even though you and your classmates may be collaborating from locations across the country, put in the effort to get to know your peers and make connections. 

Find the Best Online HBCU School for You

What are the best HBCU online degree programs for you? Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which programs are the best match for you. Consider aspects such as application requirements, synchronous or asynchronous class structure, course pacing, tuition costs and scholarship opportunities to narrow down your options. You may also be able to attend virtual orientation sessions hosted by online HBCU colleges to get a sense of each university’s values and atmosphere. To make sure you are making the most informed choice possible, consider coming to these sessions with a list of questions.

Attending an HBCU can provide a sense of community and level of academic support you may not find at other institutions, and an online HBCU program is no different. HBCU online degree programs could be a great way to earn valuable experience, gain skills for your future career and grow a network of professional and personal connections that can last a lifetime.

Last updated January 2022