How to Spark Intrinsic Motivation in Your Students

It’s been quite a while since learning experts and business coaches have taken gamification on board – to improve student/employee engagement, experiment with new motivation techniques and unlock hidden potentials in a revamped environment. Despite all benefits enclosed, a major concern here is the lack of intrinsic motivation that needs no badges, certificates of achievement or other perks to retain students’ interest. Is there any viable manner to keep the audience focused without the carrot – or the stick?

How to Find a Teaching Mentor

Whether you’re at the start of your career or a veteran in the industry, there’s always room for development. However, the direction you grow in will be dependent on your motivation and support system.  Your motivation, or why you chose this path, likely existed before you applied to colleges. But a support system is something that can develop throughout a career. One way to build a network of support is by finding a teaching mentor.  Share our full infographic about how to find a life-changing mentor. What Is a Mentor? A mentor is a person who can support, counsel and […]

Reasons for Becoming a Teacher

Thinking of becoming a teacher? Every teacher devotes his or her life to education for reasons as individual to them as any other part of their identity.

Supporting Neurodiverse K-12 Students in Online Classrooms

Because schools are moving to online classrooms, both students and teachers are navigating major adjustments to routines, expectations and accessibility. While using a computer may not be uncharted territory for K-12 students, occupational therapist Zoe Mailloux said using digital technology for educational purposes is a unique skill that students will need significant support with as they adjust to an isolated learning environment.  “If you were going to go learn a new sport or activity, how would you best learn that?” she said. “Would you learn it just only by watching someone else, or do you have to feel it in your body? […]