Online Short Courses, Bootcamps and Certificates

Online short courses, bootcamps and certificates are some of the many ways to advance your skill set in a specific career field. Each offers an opportunity to learn more about an area that interests you. 

Less extensive than full-fledged degree programs, online short courses are learning programs that can help you gain new knowledge or enhance your existing knowledge in a given topic. 

Online bootcamps are rigorous and intensive short training courses that can immerse you in a particular interest area. Bootcamps are geared to advancing your knowledge through hands-on learning experiences from which you can emerge with new confidence and skills.

Online certificate programs or e-courses are similar to short courses. Certificate programs are typically structured similarly to short courses in that they offer an abridged learning program covering a wide range of topics. 

Online short courses, bootcamps and certificate programs are offered in almost any imaginable field, from education to healthcare to technology. They range from simple introductory topic courses to complete overviews and technical training. Explore online short courses, bootcamps and certificates shown below in a field that interests you.

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Online Short Courses

Online Bootcamp Programs

If you’re short on time and want to immerse yourself in a program to gain new knowledge, a bootcamp program online may be right for you. Explore the online bootcamps below to find one that is of interest to you.

Online Coding Bootcamps

Online coding bootcamps can provide you with specialized skills or knowledge that may help advance your career track in programming and coding within a relatively short time. These immersive, flexible-schedule courses provide engaging instruction through industry-driven curriculum and real-world examples. Teachings are typically focused on skills that are commonly needed to code in professional environments.

Online Data Science Bootcamps

Learn practical, technical analysis and solution skills you’ll need to manage complex data sets. Online data science bootcamps may offer flexible learning schedules for immersive learning that can help prepare you for success in the workplace. Bootcamps typically cover specialized data science skills such as Excel, Python, JavaScript and more.

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Online Graduate Certificates

Earning an online graduate certificate may prove to be a useful tool for you to advance your current career options or introduce you to a new field.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Professional Certificate

By earning an online artificial intelligence certificate, you may gain entrance to a variety of business settings and assume a number of roles in the expanding field of AI. An online graduate certificate in AI can equip aspiring tech professionals with relevant training and knowledge. These courses often offer flexible learning schedules and environments.

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Online Bootcamps

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Online Short Courses

Online Short Courses to Consider

There are abundant online short courses in diverse disciplines you may wish to consider. Depending on your goals, you might find a course that can help further your executive education or gain entrance to new organizational roles and business settings. Check out the sampling below.

Online Education Courses

Online short courses for teachers can offer professional career development to help you become a more well-rounded and experienced educator. An education online course may prove beneficial for becoming well-versed in a variety of topics that are geared to current educators in multiple disciplines.

Online Healthcare Courses

It may be helpful for healthcare workers to pursue continuing education for learning new techniques and practices. An online healthcare course may help you distinguish yourself from other industry professionals by offering you new or developed skills and possibly advancing your earning potential.

Online Public Policy Courses

Having a background in public policy may help if you want to work in fields such as governance, consulting and leadership. Public policy courses online can offer a relatively quick way to learn about governance and public policy, and these short courses can also complement some education programs.

Online Nutrition Courses

Nutrition online courses cover a diverse range of topics that may help you expand your current nutritional knowledge or decide on a path to follow in this evolving field. Online nutrition courses offer flexibility, affordability and possible increased opportunities for aspiring nutritionists. Plus, some introductory nutrition courses might be available at no charge to you.

Online Finance Courses

Finance online courses consist of graduate-level instruction that may offer you practical skills and knowledge in specific finance disciplines. From personal to professional planning, capital markets to investments, there are likely to be online finance courses to help you meet your personal or professional goals.

Online Leadership Courses

A leadership online course may help you develop valuable leadership skills quickly, on your time and in your chosen environment. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or seeking to work in an upper-level management position for a business, leadership training may benefit you. Online leadership course topics could include a variety of in-demand skills.

Online Business Management Courses

Online short courses in business management typically offer foundational knowledge on business and management principles. An online project management course can help you gain knowledge that may help you further your career or obtain the skills needed to become a business manager.

Online Conflict Resolution Courses

Learn techniques for resolving complex situations in a conflict resolution online course. Online conflict resolution courses may provide you with unique methods for handling disagreements in your personal life or in legal or financial situations. Instruction often includes examples that mimic real-life scenarios to help you become a conciliator or neutral party without completing a traditional in-person program.

Online Business Negotiations Courses

Business negotiation online courses may help you sharpen your negotiation skills and prepare you for leadership or management positions. Coursework typically includes the tools, technology and examples to help you in navigating challenging negotiations in the future. Learn skills ranging from managing risk factors to cultural differences that could impact negotiations.

Online Sustainability Courses

Sustainability and knowledge about related issues are sought by many businesses and organizations today. Some are even hiring consultants who are knowledgeable about sustainability issues, such as how their business may be impacting the community and stakeholders. A sustainability online course can help you get a head start or further your knowledge in this growing area.

Online Human Resources (HR) Courses

HR online courses can advance skills and knowledge about evolving HR-related issues. Course instruction may include techniques for recruiting and retaining employees at your workplace. Course topics may range from business management to talent acquisition to HR-related laws and regulations.

Online Data Science Courses

The data scientist title encompasses a broad range of positions and specializations. If you’re looking to gain initial knowledge in the data science industry, an online short course may help you better navigate and understand this field. There are several data science course specializations from which to pick. Explore the options to find the one that best meets your goals.

Online Marketing Courses

If you’re interested in becoming a marketing manager or learning more about the overall marketing field, an online marketing course might be right for you and may help you cultivate the skills and knowledge you need. Topics can range from social media marketing, digital marketing and copywriting to techniques for working with the media.

Online Information Technology (IT) Courses

From machine learning to artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain technology and IT management, there may be an IT online course that interests you. These information technology courses are often taught by experienced business professionals and can give you the flexibility to learn new technologies or sharpen your existing skills outside of your job. 

Online Project Management Courses

A project management role can be critical to companies that handle complex projects. If you’re an aspiring project manager, an online course can be a great way to help you gain the necessary skills and knowledge needed to become a project management professional (PMP).

Online Cybersecurity Courses

Cybersecurity is a rapidly growing industry. Having skills in this field may help you advance your IT career by opening up additional job opportunities. A cybersecurity online course might cover topics ranging from cybersecurity law to penetration testing, SQL injection prevention and much more. 

Last updated in May 2022.