Summer Reading Flowchart: What Should You Read On Your Break?

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Summer is right around the corner, which means most schools will be letting out and students will be busy with family vacations, summer camp and a myriad of other activities. With research finding that children who do not read over the summer may lose up to three months of reading progress, it’s important to encourage your students to pick up a few books during the hot months ahead.

To help encourage high school students to find a book of their choice, we’ve compiled a list of 101 books to kick off your learners’ summer reading. Interested in finding fiction vs. non-fiction books? Would you like to find classical or contemporary fiction? Intrigued by survival books? Tales of war? We have them all and many more to choose from! Follow our chart of top picks and peruse the different categories until you find something that’s a perfect fit!

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Summer Reading Flowchart

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  • Julieanne10

    Any chance you supply this as a printable poster???

  • Connor Stafford

    Having read Pillars of the Earth, by Ken Follet, I do not believe it belongs with the “God Bless Religion” category. Unfortunately, the category it belongs in is not covered by the scope of this flow chart, but as I haven’t read the other books in the category, it is also possible the category should simply be renamed. Additionally, it is unfortunate that you did not include any books by Isaac Asimov in any of the categories, but especially in Fiction/Classic Fiction/Sci Fi.
    But what I really want, is more flow charts, maybe then there will be space for more of my favorite authors!

  • Molly

    Overall, great chart with lots of good ideas!
    But… Jane Eyre is about growing up rich?
    And Sense & Sensibility is about a fall from grace?

  • filbo

    Is there a text version of this list (even just title & author without the flowchart aspect) for the visually impaired?

  • sthomas

    If this were available as a poster, I would buy it!!!

  • Kate Rawlins

    Holy Crap ! Ditto – good, bad, suggestions, ages – whatever. KEWL !

  • Anonymous

    The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is for No to social issues? Lone Ranger and Tonto is Fantastical?

  • Nicholas C. Rossis

    Amazing infograph, congratulations to for a great job!

  • Oksana Chyketa

    So many books I would like to read! The infographic is really great!!! I’d like to know what tool did you use to create this infographic? Thanks.