Top Humor Websites for Teachers

It’s 2pm: you had a meeting before school, cleaned up a bloody nose, and now, with 30 minutes left of class, your last whiteboard marker has dried up. Sometimes, all you can do is laugh. Laughter may not substitute for proper medical care, but research does point to serious health benefits. Laughter can relieve stress and improve your memory, according to Loma Linda University. It also boosts the immune system—something every teacher needs—and even helps out your cholesterol numbers.

These seven sites have something for every kind of teacher. Whether you like jokes or memes, podcasts or comics, taking time for humor each day can help you handle the stress of daily life. Enjoy!

Bond with your fellow teachers and laugh off the absurdities and struggles of teaching with these teaching-related jokes. You may laugh, cry, or rage throughout the school day, but you’ll never feel alone with Teachers With a Sense of Humor.

Best for: Middle and High School Teachers


Similar to The Onion, NewsBiscuit is a satire website with a generous sprinkling of quirky UK-isms that will leave you a bit confused or feeling superior for getting the joke. These witty articles will challenge you intellectually and send you chortling simultaneously.

Best for: English and History Teachers

Sample:  Man Invents New Awkward Greeting Noise For Passing Strangers

Fan of Jack Handy and other classic SNL personalities? Then the faux therapist Bob Ducca, the Stuart Smiley of the internet age, is right up your lane. Ducca’s amusing ramblings range from just a couple minutes to a nearly an hour. The over-the-top self-help guru persona will tickle your funny bone with dramatic problem solving.

Best for: Drama Teachers or Middle School Saints


Two-time Webby Award finalist and author Ryan Chapman wants to help you Fill the Silence. These one-liners serve to get rid of awkward silence. This is ideal if you don’t mind people thinking you are a bit unique. Each post features a true fact, so get ready to learn and laugh!

Best for: Class Clown at Teacher Lounge


Sweet, endearing, and deeply relatable, these one panel classroom interactions by Mark Anderson are incredibly satisfying to read. Anderson’s cartoons are featured on Reader’s Digest, The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, and more. Laugh, roll your eyes, and share. Let those new teachers know they aren’t alone.

Best for: Mentor Teachers


Ever wished there were a whole collection of memes just for teachers? There is! Managed by a teacher who fused her love for memes and teaching, The Pensive Sloth is an ever-growing collection of super shareable memes you can’t help but get addicted to!

Best for: Upper Elementary Teachers


To celebrate 10 years of Twitter, GQ magazine came up with a list of the 100 funniest tweets. They range from pop culture to history and some may bring tears to your eyes. Some of the content is a bit PG-13.

Best for: The Cool Teacher


Eliana Osborn lives on the US-Mexico border with her family. She’s worked as an English teacher at secondary and post secondary levels for nearly two decades and focuses on education issues in her writing. Follow her on Twitter or contact her through her website.