Student Teaching: Teaching Your First Classroom

After the first week of student teaching, chances are you already know your students’ names, have carefully observed your mentor teacher and participated in engaging icebreakers with the class. Now you should feel ready to roll up your sleeves and start teaching your first lesson.

Welcome to Student Teaching

You are moving out of the university environment and into a classroom where you will start to see, feel and hear what it is actually like to be a teacher.

Comics in the Classroom: Why Comics?

Emerging research shows that comics and graphic novels are motivating, support struggling readers, enrich the skills of accomplished readers and are highly effective at teaching sometimes dull or dry material in subject areas such as science and social studies.

Bilingual Education

The following post offers a glimpse into what bilingual education entails, and why it is sometimes considered a controversial form of instruction.

Engaging Gifted and Talented Students

Gifted and talented students are more likely to be bored and under-stimulated in regular classes, so it is up to the teachers to provide appropriately challenging curriculum. Here are five tips on engaging gifted and talented students in your classroom.

The Pros and Cons of Merit Based Pay for Teachers

A new study conducted as a joint effort by Harvard, the University of Chicago and UC San Diego has concluded that merit-based pay is an effective way to increase the performance and efficiency of teachers. Merit-based pay, or performance pay, as it is sometimes called, is a somewhat controversial practice that bases a teacher's salary on the success of their students. Merit-based pay …