16 Best Teaching Tumblrs

If you like reading education blogs, you’re probably already familiar with Teach100; the blog is a great one-stop shop for writing tips from student teachers to school counselors.

But if you’re short on time, microblogs like Tumblrs may be more your speed. Since they’re designed as a way to quickly share — whether it’s thoughts, pictures, or news clippings — Tumblrs are fun and easy to skim, as well as participate in.

Here are a few of our favorite education blogs (in no particular order), ranging from silly to serious, for the next time you need a quick, fun or informative read:

This blog is mainly a source of hilarious .gifs about the teaching experience, but also answers (humorously and helpfully) questions from readers under categories like “teaching advice” and “homework/studying/stress.”

Feeling a bit like a classroom itself, this Tumblr shares reviews of new children’s books, quotes from educational experts and YouTube videos on teachable topics. It’s a great place to explore teaching ideas and expand your ideas about learning.

This English and literature-focused Tumblr gives tips for teaching skills like close reading. The blog also provides lesson plan ideas and colorful posters for teachers to hang in the classroom.

Think Inclusive is a blog created by a special education professional and focuses on the ways teachers can facilitate inclusion and understanding in the classroom. It covers tough topics like bullying via insightful articles and personal reflections.

Based on the website of the same name, this blog is all about living the good teaching life. It offers tips for helping kids learn, dealing with “drama in the classroom,” and deciphering “IM” speak.

Hilarious, cathartic GIFs and advice for students and educators alike abound in this Tumblr from a high school English and history teacher.

Oscar Learn, Oscar Teach comes from a newly qualified English teacher and is chock full of project and classroom decoration ideas, colorful posters and ingenious charts.

Written by a teacher who truly loves teaching, this blog answers questions from new teachers, has funny quotes and images and offers thoughtful recommendations and reflections from the field.

If you’ve ever wanted to know what the inside of a teacher’s brain looks like — in GIFs, of course — this sarcastic, TV-oriented Tumblr may be the place to visit.

  • Confessions of a First Year Teacher

This blog from a special education teacher at an alternative high school is about the ups (“and unavoidable downs”) of first year teaching. It offers insights, advice and, of course, commiseration.

Teachers Worldwide is a quick and dirty guide to current events around the world as they relate to teachers and education.

This Tumblr is entirely based on the “Hey Girl” Ryan Gosling meme. If you’re not familiar, the meme is a picture of Ryan Gosling with the words “Hey Girl,” and then an encouraging message. In this case, it’s related to all things teaching.

This Tumblr is a group effort. Most posts pose questions or discussion topics for the online teaching community at large. Readers can share thoughts and student resources (like contests and scholarships), and participate in events like “Fall Semester Buddies.”

This blog from a pre-K teacher offers helpful answers to readers’ questions (like favorite after-school snacks and children’s book recommendations) as well as classroom ideas, education quotes and insight on current events in education.

TFL comes from a 20-something elementary school teacher and One Direction fan and is almost entirely made up of animated images that capture the angst and hilarity of teaching experiences that NQTs (newly qualified teachers) can relate to.

Part of the North Carolina Teacher Project at North Carolina Public Radio, this Tumblr shares slightly longer-form conversations — completely with hashtags — about the profession and nature of teaching.

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