“Thank Teachers For….” (The Rest of This Sentence is Up to You!)

Teaching is one of those rare occupations in which simply "doing your job" can make a lifelong impression on someone. Covering the course material and helping students pass standardized tests is in the job description, but what about those hundred other little acts of kindness, patience, preparation, creativity, attention, and care that go into the work of education?

For example, I know a kindergarten teacher who recently used her Dunkin Donuts straw to convince an inconsolable 5 year old that his broken water bottle had been fixed. All in a day's work, right?

Students learn to graph equations and diagram sentences from teachers, but they also learn lifelong lessons about how to treat others, handle conflict, solve problems, and feel about themselves--based on the examples those teachers set.

What we should be grateful to teachers for?

We want to know, from the closest possible source--teachers themselves--what extra efforts, hours, time, and money are our educators pitching in?

If you're a teacher, let us know!

Choose Your Card and Personalize

Step 1: Pick a card design below and add text describing what YOU did (for a student, your school, your community, etc) this past year.

Step 2: Then, share the saved image on social media with the hashtag #thankteachersfor and a few words describing your entry. (Ex. "#thankteachersfor staying after school to coach intramurals!").

Help us shine a light on the wonderful things teachers do for their students. We'll repost our favorites!

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