The Two Biggest Challenges in Changing How Teachers Get Paid

Being an effective teacher requires a unique blend of skill, experience, education, and collaboration. One of the challenges in translating these skills into an appropriate salary figure is that some of them are tricky to quantify.

Why Teachers Get Paid Differently Than Other Professionals (Part One)

One of the most perplexing elements of the teaching profession to outsiders and novices is the way teachers’ salaries and pay raises are determined. Unlike most jobs in the private sector, educators are typically paid according to salary scales that use quantifiable metrics like years of service and numbers of college credits to determine how much a teacher should earn.

Teacher Side Hustles: 8 Ways Teachers Make Money Besides Teaching

Over the course of ten years of classroom teaching, I took off only one summer. And by “took off,” I mean no attending conferences, no teaching summer school, and no working other jobs. I used those four weeks for reading, writing, watching all the movies and TV I’d missed during the school year, working on my house, and spending time with my family. The two final weeks of my summer break were spent mostly lesson planning and prepping for the year to come.


Five Reasons to Consider a Service Learning Project

If you’re an educator, you may have heard the term “service learning” and concluded that it’s a community service project which is taken on by a group of students, and spearheaded by a teacher. You’d be partially correct. While service learning is indeed grounded in activities which are intended to improve a community, the ‘learning’ element plays a key role too.


Should I Go for My National Board Certification?

Passionate teachers are always looking for new ways to improve their skills. From district-wide professional development to collaborating with the teacher across the hall, there are many ways you can become a more effective educator in and outside of the classroom.


Tips for Planning a Successful Museum Field Trip

The phrase “field trip” can elicit a wide range of reactions from teachers and students. Some teachers love them and enjoy the often detail-oriented process of planning them, while others grit their teeth with anxiety. And students may love the opportunity to get out of the school building for a day, but may find the trip itself unengaging.