Introducing: The Teach100 Mentor Blog Series

Teach100 MentorCalling all Teach100 Bloggers! is launching an exclusive new advice series called Teach100 Mentors. We’re inviting our favorite Teach100 bloggers to participate in a monthly survey that gets your expert opinions on important issues in education, from Common Core Standards to apps for the classroom.

We also want your personal thoughts on what you do (yes, you!) every day: key challenges in teaching preschool, indispensable resources for ESL learning, the best advice you ever received in your work as a school principal.

We know that Teach100 bloggers are the best of the best: they write about education because they live it, and they love it enough to write about it. That’s why we want your input.

And there’s something in it for you, too; the best quotes will be featured (alongside your name and blog!) in an official post. It’s a great opportunity to connect with fellow bloggers, share your views and expertise on a larger platform, and best of all, give a little invaluable wisdom to new and aspiring teachers.

Interested? Sign up here:

or email us with the subject line: "Teach100 Mentor." Include your:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Teach100 blog URL

We’ll add you to our list of Mentors who will receive an initial “About Me” assessment and a 3- to 4-question survey once a month. That’s it!

Teach100 Mentor Survey

Interested, but not a Teach100 blogger? Join us! Click here to learn more about how to enter our growing, thriving community of educators who write (and writers who educate!).