SXSWedu Teacher of the Day: Adam Holman

SXSWedu Teacher of the Day

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Adam Holman SXSWedu

Source: Stephanie Echeveste, USC Rossier


Assistant Principal, Murchison Middle School, Austin, TX

Presentation: EdcampATX: Unconferencing SXSWedu

As teachers, we are constantly focusing on differentiating our instruction to meet the needs the needs of our students. On the flip side, edcamp is a form of professional development (PD) that is designed to meet the differentiated needs of participants and teachers. As noted in the session, "Far too often [PD] is a one-size-fits-all model that teachers feel is done to them rather than with them."

Meet Adam:
Adam Holman is an Assistant Principal at Murichson Middle School, the same school he himself attended as a young middle school student. Adam's passion for innovation in the classroom is evident both through his involvement in EdcampATX, and through his personal blog. A former teacher himself, Adam is attuned to the needs of today's teachers, and is able to address those needs in his role as an administrator. As an administrator, his core philosophy is outlined by his four administrative pledges:

  1. I will never say to a teacher “You need to raise your test scores”
  2. Feedback will never just be a checklist form (unless you asked me to do it).
  3. I will challenge you to read a lot, to blog/tweet about your learning, and to care more about the kids than ever before.
  4. If we’re not having fun, then we’re doing it wrong. Learning is tough and messy, but that doesn't mean not enjoyable.

The work being done by Adam and in Edcamps across the country are addressing the disconnect between research and practice in today's teacher PD.

EdCamp ATX: SXSWedu

Participants from today's "EdCamp ATX: Unconferencing SXSWedu" take part in DIY PD.
Source: Stephanie Echeveste, USC Rossier

Check out Adam's Twitter and blog to learn more about the great work being done in teacher professional development.