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Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Here at Teach.com, we love being able to share the voices and stories from real teachers and education professionals. Our blog is a platform to amplify your voices and share your stories from the classroom trenches and beyond.

We are looking for writers from the education community to contribute positive, actionable guest posts to the Teach.com blog. Please review our guest post guidelines below to learn more about how you can share your story and expertise with the Teach.com community.

What should I write about?

Consider any special skill, knowledge, or experience that you may have that would make for an informative reading experience for teachers and/or educational professionals. Our main goal on Teach.com is to inform, engage, and inspire new and aspiring members of the education community. Does your topic pass the test? See previous Teach.com articles for examples:

  1. Does your article teach the readers a technique that is useful for their work in education? 1
  2. Does your article provide interesting, relevant career information? 2
  3. Does your article inform on a current issue or resource that some teachers may be unaware of, but should be? 3
  4. Does your article offer a "how to" guide for navigating a common, yet complex, situation? 4
I know what I want to write about. Now what?
  • Guest posts for Teach.com should be original, unpublished work, submitted as a Word document (.doc or .doc) or a Google Doc, of 600-800 words.
  • Your article should have an actionable, "how-to" message that inspires members of the education community to follow suit and/or share their reactions and experience with the Teach.com community and beyond.
  • We love references and outside sources! Posts should include in-text citations, and may include 2-3 high-resolution images that are related to your post. We welcome embeddable videos, too.

Please include a 2-3 sentence bio so that you can be properly credited on Teach.com! Feel free to include a link to your blog (if applicable), as well as any related education or teaching expertise.

When submitting your guest post to Teach.com, please send your article to social [at] teach [dot] com with the subject line Guest Post Submission: [Title]

1 https://www.teach.com/blog/teaching-question-writing/
2 https://www.teach.com/blog/highest-lowest-teacher-salaries/
3 https://www.teach.com/blog/5-ways-technology-in-classroom/
4 https://www.teach.com/great-educational-resources/student-teaching-first-class/