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#29: The Principal of Change

I am the Division Principal of Innovative Teaching and Learning for Parkland School Division. I believe we need to inspire our kids to follow their passions, while letting them inspire us to do the same.

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  • Rubi Malik

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  • Sysa Ed

    The GOVT of Abu Dhabi has
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  • Sandhya Iyer

    Engagement among parents and teachers is one of the real challenges in
    many schools today. In our school as well parents do wanted to be
    informed regarding their child’s progress.Therefore we have started
    using a platform named “Flinnt” ( for the communication
    purpose and sharing learning resources with students. Flinnt provide
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    Being a teacher, I am very
    delighted and content to see the students engaging themselves zealously
    in learning. That encourages me to update myself with the happenings
    around the world and hence to post for my students in “Flinnt”. We also
    share videos from youtube, audios, files, images with ease and
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    This is the 21st
    centruy where students wants everything in handy and Flinnt has proved
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    between learning and technology is understood in a true manner.

  • Sandhya Iyer

    Truly said, “Teachers Job is the Better Job on Earth”. But on the other hand Teacher’s job is the toughest job on the earth. Teachers have to interact with the young generation; students, who if not interested will not listen a single word from their teachers and at the same time will be passive learners. To engage the learners actively and also to make them participate in interacton, teachers have to find innovative methods to do so.
    In my school, teachers have started using an App named “Flinnt” ( Flinnt is an instant communication and learning resource sharing app designed specifically for the educational institutions keeping in mind the heirarchy of student – teacher relationship.Flinnt as an App connects the school/college with
    their students. This is something unique platform only for the teachers
    and students.

    Being a teacher, I am very obliged to Flinnt as it helps me stay connected with each and every student of mine. Communication to numerous student is a no barrier now. we share
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    If today’s generation is driven by Technology only then why dont we use Apps where our children are taught something which is handed over to them by their teachers and at the same time remains connected with their school/college. “Flinnt” is the answer to it.

  • Ivette Alison

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