Perks of Being a Teacher

Many teachers describe the profession as a calling. Some may have even felt the yearning to teach before they were in school themselves. Lining up their teddy bears to lead storytime or bossing their siblings around. You’ve probably heard people say that a career in teaching won’t make you rich but it turns out the naysayers only have half the story.

You see, being a teacher is much more than simply a job, it is a vocation. It requires daily dedication and patience to master.

Although it’s true that most teachers won't be bringing home 6 figures anytime soon, they are rich in other ways. In fact, there are many often overlooked perks of being a teacher, including the following:

Actual Benefits

In an unstable job market, teaching offers a reliable stable salary, health benefits, and a pension. It is also one of the last few remaining ‘jobs for life.’ Although some smaller towns may experience an over saturation of educational professionals, teachers will always be needed. Many stores and services also offer teacher discounts.


You’ll Always Be Remembered

One day you’ll be in the grocery store and a fully grown adult will come up to you and say “you used to be my teacher!” This can sometimes be jarring and/or make you feel a little old. But it’s mostly a nice feeling to have been remembered fondly by a former student.


People Think You're Smart Or Kind

If your students are 3rd Graders or younger people usually think it's adorable that you're a teacher and even make the leap that you must intrinsically be a nice person.  

Teachers of older students are often presumed to be intellectual or at least to have a lot of general knowledge. Take the compliment, you deserve it!


The Summer Vacation

Although teachers summer vacations are definitely less than the general public presumes and often include planning work or professional development, it’s still a pretty sweet perk to have paid time off in the summer, especially if you have children of your own.


Kids are Amazing

Working with young people is invigorating. Children of all ages are naturally optimistic they like to laugh and offer a vibrant working environment.


Relive Your Childhood

Like parenting, teaching allows you to share all your favorite childhood stories, activities and games with a brand new generation. You can play and get paid!


No Clock Watching


The school day passes by very quickly. The scheduled school bell moves us onto new subjects and new classes and before you know it, it’s already hometime!

Changing Lives

A career in education offers you the chance to make a real, marked improvement in other people’s lives. You are a gatekeeper of knowledge and with knowledge comes opportunities. What greater satisfaction can there be in life than providing opportunities for people to learn and grow?


When people retire they often say they want their working life to have made a difference. As a teacher you can be secure in the knowledge that your daily toil does just that, it makes a difference.

Fiona Tapp, is a Freelance Writer, Educator, and Mom.  An Expert in the field of Pedagogy, a teacher of 13 years and Master’s Degree holder in Education. Take a look at her website or blog to connect. 

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