How to Prepare Teens for a Career in IT

Slowly but surely, career education is once again gaining importance in the world. While in the past high schools focused on making their students ready for college, career and tech education programs are becoming more popular since they provide students with a mix of academics, technical and employable skills, that make for a smoother transition into the job market.

How Educators Can Empower Girls To Think STEM

Women’s History Month has given us a good opportunity to recognize the many strides women have made towards workplace equality, particularly when it comes to STEM representation. Historical names like Sally Ride and Marie Curie stand alongside current tech powerhouses such as Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook) and Diane Greene (VMWare, Google). However, even though the overall workforce gap has closed significantly (46.8% of the workforce is female as of 2015), a significant wage gap still exists— a gap that widens as women age.