Roles in Education

School Counselors Commonly Offer Support for these Five Student Issues

The role of the school counselor has grown in many ways. Traditionally, school counselors were responsible for giving students college and career advice.  And while that is still a big part of their job description, counselors today play a more active role in lives of students. Depending on certain state, district, and school requirements, a school counselor may provide a wide range of services to the student population.

Secret Lives of Principals: 8 Things You Should Know About School Administrators

An elementary school principal in Phoenix, Arizona asked students the question, “What do principals do?” Answers such as, “loves books,” “plays with kids,” “gets on stage a lot,” and “pays bills so we can stay in school until the 6th grade” were submitted by kindergarteners through fourth graders. It’s fair to say students don’t see everything a principal does during the day, but they certainly have clued in on some of the important aspects of the job.