Online Teaching Tuesdays

Online Teaching Tuesdays: 5 Tips for Creating Highly Engaging Online Courses

Online education has been experiencing remarkable growth, and improvements in technology will only serve to increase the trend. In the 2014 – 2015 academic year, there was a 3.9% increase in enrollment in online courses. Over a quarter of all students were enrolled in at least one online course, and of those, almost half (2.85 million of 5.8 million students) were enrolled entirely online.

Online Teaching Tuesdays: How Much Can I Earn?

I have been teaching full time online for almost 6 years. I have managed to make a good living while working my behind off! I always get asked how much can you make? In all reality, the possibilities are endless, depending on how much you want to work and how much you can actually handle.

Online Teaching Tuesdays: What Are the Different Types of Online Teaching?

So you want to teach online and work from home?  Many people want to do this, but they have no idea where to start. I get the question all of the time, “where do I even begin to look for an online teaching job?” Most people think teaching online would be a great thing to do full time or to do on the side to supplement their incomes. They just need to know where to start looking and what to look for.

Online Teaching Tuesdays: What It's Like to Teach Online

Education is quickly moving into the digital realm. There are apps for everything teachers and students need—from lesson planning to flashcards to behavior monitoring. Whole classrooms are getting flipped; lessons are taking place online, while practice and remediation are happening in person. High schools are offering online courses for graduation credit and, once a student graduates, they can earn certain college degrees without ever stepping foot on campus.

Online Teaching Tuesdays: Interesting Online Assignments to Engage Online Students

Online education is a fast-growing industry worldwide, with over 6.7 million students enrolled in at least one course in 2011. More recent U.S. statistics provided that 5.8 million people were learning online last year, which means that the international number grew to at least 10 million.

Online Teaching Tuesdays: Are You Ready to Teach Online?

As much as you probably love your job in the classroom, there have surely been days when you’ve stayed in bed a few extra minutes and wondered what it would be like to work from home, or more specifically, to teach from home. As the end tech world grows, there are increasing opportunities for online teaching.