Education Technology

Reasons for Becoming a Teacher

Every teacher devotes his or her life to education for reasons as individual to them as any other part of their identity. Still, it usually isn’t the money, and it isn’t the three-month summer vacation. Reasons for becoming a teacher are deeper than that, and while they are personal, they are almost all united by the desire to impact peoples’ lives. There is a

Making Your Classroom Tech-Friendly With Limited Resources

The modern trend for digitizing education is getting really overwhelming. Modern classes look nothing like they did a half-century ago. Smart apps and VR technologies have completely transformed the education process in schools last couple years.

3 Reasons Why Students Should Learn to Build a Computer

Do you have students in your classroom that want to build personal computers or PCs? Are they more interested in playing computer games all day long in the classroom? Understandably, you may have some reservations at first. You won’t find a decent teacher that wants their students playing video games all day. And yet, the process of building a personal computer will teach your students important life skills that they may use in their career years into the future. After all, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 37 percent rise in hiring for computer systems design positions from 2012 to 2022.

7 Digital Tools to Streamline Your Classroom Routines

Technology is integral to the modern learning experience. Indeed, with tablets replacing textbooks and students being so partial to their smartphones, it seems that digital tools are no longer optional for a modern teacher.

How Technology Changed the Way I Teach My Students

A few years ago when I was a language student, I came across dozens of my notebooks full of new words and translations. Sadly, I realized all my efforts had been in vain, as the majority of the words seemed unknown to me. Obviously, I should have tried harder by flipping through the pages once in a while. But then I wondered if there was a better way to learn new words.

Using Technology In The ESL/TESOL Classroom

As teachers in the modern classroom, we have the most advanced means of instruction through technology the world has ever seen. The options available to us are constantly evolving, which makes them both increasingly useful and difficult to master. Luckily, with a strong community of adventurous teachers willing to put in the effort, the ESL classroom is benefitting from the incorporation of new technologies and insightful course design. Students report increased engagement through classes that incorporate technology in holistic ways. Technology prepares students to be successful and independent learners outside the classroom.