Building Parent-Teacher Relationships

How To Build Strong Home-School Partnerships

Relationship building is one of many aspects of a busy educator’s life. Whether you’re aware of it or not, your success as a teacher grows from your ability to connect with and relate to your students. Developing cordial professional relationships with colleagues and administrators is also vital, because you’re all working towards the same goal: providing all students with a high-quality education.

3 Strategies to Involve Parents in Children's Education

Learning doesn’t end in the classroom, yet most parents are at a loss when it comes to supporting their children’s intellectual development. Many try to do too well and hover around them when they do homework, which can stifle creativity and self-development. Others let them roam free and hardly monitor their progress.

Yet, studies are unanimous: children are more successful at school when parents are involved. Better yet, teachers, too, are positively affected when parents take interest.

That’s because involved parents promote positive classroom behavior, make sure children do their homework, help them be more organized, enforce disciplinary measures, and validate their effort.

7 Innovative Apps for Parent-Teacher Communication

For many parents, connecting with teachers and staying in the loop about their children’s progress in school is of the utmost importance. Studies show parental involvement helps foster and improve academic performance, while lessening children’s chances of developing behavioral problems. Simply put, involved parents help grow successful students, but in an increasingly digital age with increasingly busy parents, there is a demand for highly accessible ways for parents to connect with teachers and vice versa.

Here are seven innovative apps for smart phones/smart d…


Teachers and Parents: Bridging the Gap

When Parenting magazine and the National Education Association conducted a 2012 survey on parent-teacher communication, 68 percent of teachers reported “difficulty in dealing with parents” — but strangely, 63 percent of parents reported never having difficulties with teachers.

If that weren’t enough of a disconnect, the study also found that more than a third of the parents surveyed “stated their biggest challenge has been teachers’ perceived lack of understanding for their concerns,” while teachers cited “parents’ lack of understanding of their child’s issues” as their biggest challenge.

Other areas of disconnect:

  • Conferences: 71 percent of teachers felt that they hold enough pare…

Parent/Teacher Confluence: How (and Why) to Join Forces

As school starts, you’re most likely dreading the Stresses of Semesters Past (SSPs, for short!): long grading sessions, state exam readiness panic or tension with parents.

While not all teaching problems are preventable (we all will, at some point, get behind on homework grading), issues with parents can be circumvented. In fact, by being a little proactive, you may find a new set of learning allies for your students, and more help for you.

The Importance of a United Front

Have you ever received pushback from students’ parents about their behavior in the classroom?

Parents may be surprised that their child is behaving differently in the classroom, but it’s important to remember that school is a separate environment than the one at home — and student behavior can drastically change between the two. For example, a st…

10 Great Non-Profits Dedicated to Teachers, Students & Parents

Although most Americans agree that education is one of the most integral aspects of both a child’s life and our country’s future, schooling in the United States still faces a number of challenges. From the shortage of dedicated teachers to the need for more resources, American education as it stands could use a helping hand. In an effort to address some of these concerns, committed citizens have come together to create a number of organizations that make a difference every day in classrooms across the country. Here’s a list of some of the most important non-profit organizations dedicated to helping teachers, students and parents: …