Sparking Their Interest–Engaging Students with “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”!

Today is the day! The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is now playing in theaters everywhere. Whether you're seeing the movie this weekend or later on, the excitement surrounding the release is sure to last a while. Why not take advantage of the buzz to get your students excited about learning?

Students' fascination with The Hunger Games can be more than an obsession with popular culture. Great teachers like yourselves recognize the potential to transform entertainment into education, harnessing students' interests to engage them in productive learning. Tracee Orman, Teach 100 blogger and the mind behind the wildly popular website Hunger Games Lessons has been using Suzanne Collins' popular franchise to add depth and excitement to her lessons since she first discovered the books.

This month, we've brought you a series of blogs that explore the educational potential of The Hunger Games. We've discussed the historical events mirrored in the series, the novels' commentary on biological and ecological themes, and ways to use both the novel and the film to teach students about reading comprehension. We've even explored similar books that have come before, and productive ways to discuss banned or challenged books.

To conclude our month-long celebration of this popular series, and Hunger Games Lessons are proud to present Sparking Their Interest: Engaging Students with "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire"--an amazing lesson in which Tracee offers advice on integrating Catching Fire into your curriculum, including suggested activities, lesson ideas, and specific chapters and themes that lend themselves easily to the classroom.

Studies show that incorporating popular culture into your lessons not only piques students' interests, but helps present material to them in a more accessible and easily understandable way. What better way to engage your students than with one of the most popular franchises in recent years? Check out the guide below!

Sparking Their Interest-Engaging Students With Catching Fire by TeachDotCom

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