Connect the Dots: Making the Transition from a Teacher to an Administrator

There are a variety of career opportunities in education to explore. Teaching is the most common of all but when is it time to advance in your education career? Making the decision of becoming an administrator include several factors.

The shift from being a teacher to an administrator can be difficult for many people. One is not only responsible for students and but also parents and other faculty as well. Thus, all areas of one’s leadership in education are put to the test.


Effective communication is an essential part of being a public administrator in an educational setting. Having strong communication and interpersonal skills is needed to cooperate with teachers, parents, students, and other faculty around you. Whether in an email or face-to-face, effective communication is important to get all your thoughts and opinions across.

Time Management

Time management is often a very important overlooked skill in this process. As a teacher, you have set times of the day to go through all your tasks such as subjects, activities, and paperwork. However, as an administrator, different responsibilities are presented each day and one must know how to manage each task productively. Work days will be longer and be demanding, thus flexibility is another quality in time that matters.

Decision Making

As an administrator, one should also be aware of the environment and set high expectations. Whether at a school of 200 students or 2,000 students, administrators have a lot of power. They are also responsible for state and federal regulations. Administrators can set the tone and atmosphere at which the school functions. They can create standards and changes to improve the school’s test scores, learning the curriculum, and overall being.


Lastly, the most important skill needed in this transition is patience. Transitioning from any job is difficult, whether or not in education. Adjusting to an administrative position is not easy, so be patient with yourself. Every day is learning will be a new learning experience. It will take the time to adapt to the challenges and responsibilities but with time, you will be successful in your new surroundings.

-- Brenda Heredia

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