Introducing #Edchat Weekly Roundup

png;base64a756fc9eefe93f1fWe’re happy to announce that has become part of the #edchat community. #Edchat is a hashtag on Twitter that acts as a sort of ‘chat room.’ Every Wednesday (at 12pm EST and 7pm EST), educators around the world participate in online discussions focusing on varied issues and topics in education reform, classroom management, pedagogy, and practice. These conversations center around the main “topic” of the hour, and are comprised of people asking questions, posting ideas, and replying and retweeting to other members of the community. It’s a fantastic way to grow your professional network, and to exchange innovative thoughts and strategies with other members of the educational community. You can visit #edchat’s homepage to find out more information about it’s creators, moderators, and each week’s main topic(s).

While the week’s #edchat moderators sometimes vary, they almost always center around the following people:

Follow any (or all!) of these educators for updates #edchat, including how to vote for the week’s topics, as well as their inspired ideas on the issues at hand.


Starting this week, will post a summary or “round up” of the previous day’s #edchat conversations, providing readers with a general understanding of the main points of each discussions and highlighting thought-provoking tweets from some of the day’s “key players.” We encourage you to join the conversation, too! Check in on tweets from @teachdotcom, as well as the #edchat moderators, to find out about the day’s topics of conversation.

Yesterday’s topics were as follows:


  • 12pm EST: “With less than one-third of our population completing college degrees, should college continue to be a main goal of education?”



  • 7pm EST: “What is Authentic Learning and what role should it play in education?”


College as the Main Goal of Education (12pm EST)

Keeping Learning Authentic (7pm EST)

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