How Teachers Can Leverage New Roles for Advancing Their Career Growth

One of the most important professions in the world, teaching is also the most underrated. A teacher helps nurture other people’s skills and provide them the confidence to overcome their fears. For a teacher, it provides them the satisfaction to be an integral part of a person’s growth, yet, for some reason; the career path of a teacher remains unstructured.

Advancing your career through multiple roles

The path to becoming the Principal, Dean or Vice-Chancellor of an educational institution is filled with a lot of challenges and rewards. But to become one, your teaching career should showcase your capability ranging from developing curriculum and planning budgets to hiring staff and disciplining students.  

The rewards of heading your educational institution are immense. A top administrator can develop their schools or colleges and guide students as they head toward their education and career goals.

Here are some of the roles that you can help in advancing your teaching career

Extended Role Teaching

Some of the best teachers have always received opportunities to grow beyond their classrooms. Sometimes, the educational department of the government and even schools have encouraged teachers to help them develop new curriculums and to help guide inexperienced teachers and to serve as a role model for them. For this role, teachers have been known to receive stipend or increase in their annual salary.  Some teachers have known to receive grants ranging to over $1,000 for their effort.

Department Head

Teachers who exhibit leadership qualities or strong expertise on their subject have been frequently promoted to become their department heads. Many school districts select teachers that can help serve in a dual role as a department head, as well as a lecturer. In colleges, the head of the departments is usually given the titular name of a dean or assistant dean of the department. A department head usually has a higher salary than an average classroom teacher.

School Principal

The head of the school; the role of a Principal comes with a lot of prestige and honor. Depending on your experience and your contribution towards the school, there is a chance that the school may promote you to become the vice-principal or Principal of the school. Most Principals have an experience of being a classroom teacher, however, for some schools; it is mandatory for you to have a Masters degree in educational administration before you apply for that position.

School Counselors

To work as a school counselor, you are required to hold at least a degree in school counseling, psychology or any related field. One advantage of being a school counselor is that they often earn more than classroom teachers, with an average salary ranging around $80,000 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


One of the most popular roles for schoolteachers includes becoming a college professor and taking extra classes to earn an extra income. These colleges can be from the local community or a prestigious university.

Online Tutoring

As a college education becomes increasingly unaffordable, and tuition fees becoming the lead cause for student debts, younger students have found a new way of seeking education: Online. This has created a huge demand for professors for online tutoring. Find these portals that are offering vacancies for teachers for online teaching positions and work based on your convenience.

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