5 Ways Learning Through Play Improves Early Development in STEM Subjects

The U.S. arose as a global leader due to its innovation in science and technology, and to maintain its competitive position in the world, this country is depending on the future innovations of upcoming scientists, engineers, and mathematicians. These innovators study in STEM: an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math disciplines in academics.

But unfortunately, the number of students in STEM majors are decreasing. Compounding that issue, the number of teachers who are competent in these STEM subjects are also lacking. The good news is, for qualified job candidates, this shortage of viable candidates to makes STEM indu…

Video Games in Learning

When it comes to the conversation of children and video games, we always tend to find negative backlash towards the idea of kids playing video games. Research has been conducted for years when it comes analyzing the negative effects of video games; some studies claiming that gaming can lead to depression and aggression in children. Yet, we rarely hear the good side of this argument to balance out society’s perception of video games.

The truth is, video games can play a major role in the learning cycle of a child’s life, and can bolster a wide array of cognitive skills in students. Since gaming has successfully played a major role on how children gather new information

Teacher Appreciation Discounts & Deals 2016

Teacher Appreciation Day is a day where we give our thanks and appreciation to honor our teachers who pass down their knowledge and expertise, guiding future generations of engineers, therapists, scientists, artists, and, best of all, teachers! Give yourself or a teacher you know some well deserved treats with the discounts on this list. From lunchtime goodies to office staples to work wardrobe updates, we've got you covered. And if we missed anything, please drop any links to discounts and deals for teachers you know of in the comments below! 

Five Alternative Careers to Pursue With a Teaching Degree

Many don’t realize this, but educators are trained to have many of the same skills that coincide with other careers. Some of these skills include organization, public speaking and presentation skills, leadership, multi-tasking, and effective time management. In fact, being an educator is a beast of its own. To quote Ryan Fuller at Slate, “Giving a presentation to NASA about how the thermal protection system of a spacecraft is connected to its primary structure is a cakewalk compared to getting 30 teenagers excited about logarithms.”

In a 2013 study executed by Jaison R. Abel and Richard Deitz, they found that only 27% of college graduatesheld jobs that we…

10 Free Resources on the Internet for ESL Teachers

Being an ESL teacher can be a difficult, yet rewarding, job. Textbooks can be very helpful. There are plenty of great textbooks out there, but many ESL learners cannot afford to spend a lot of money those big and thick workbooks. Fortunately, there are many fantastic online free resources that you can easily implement into a lesson plan. Here are some of the most useful educational resources and teaching ideas available on the internet for ESL teachers.

  • TEFL Tunes

Plenty of scientific research has shown that many people learn best when th…


The Power of Storytelling in the Classroom: 5 Ways It Can Be a Great Help

People say unbelievable things all the time and often we may wish they were true. These stories touch our imagination, as we feel ourselves playing a role in the story in both time and place. More often than not, they are make believe and are told to attract the audience, whether it's a small group of friends or family or a larger group such as a school classroom or even a conference attended by the business community.

When it comes to teaching in the classroom, research shows that children tend to retain more knowledge when they can connect it with a classroom activity. One of the most common classroom activities is storytelling. Children love listening to their teachers telling stories. While they listen, they begin to focus and follow the story through until its end.

As a teacher, this is exactly what you want: a …