What Does Personalized Learning Mean for Educational Design?

One of the most important modern concepts in education today is “personalized learning.” As Education Week explains, the concept isn’t entirely clear and has many different practical applications. However, what is clear about personalized learning is that it centers the student as the most important subject in the classroom, which results in an emphasis on individual student learning styles, needs, and interests.

How Technology Changed the Way I Teach My Students

A few years ago when I was a language student, I came across dozens of my notebooks full of new words and translations. Sadly, I realized all my efforts had been in vain, as the majority of the words seemed unknown to me. Obviously, I should have tried harder by flipping through the pages once in a while. But then I wondered if there was a better way to learn new words.

Using Technology In The ESL/TESOL Classroom

As teachers in the modern classroom, we have the most advanced means of instruction through technology the world has ever seen. The options available to us are constantly evolving, which makes them both increasingly useful and difficult to master. Luckily, with a strong community of adventurous teachers willing to put in the effort, the ESL classroom is benefitting from the incorporation of new technologies and insightful course design. Students report increased engagement through classes that incorporate technology in holistic ways. Technology prepares students to be successful and independent learners outside the classroom.

How to Spark Intrinsic Motivation in Your Students

It’s been quite a while since learning experts and business coaches have taken gamification on board – to improve student/employee engagement, experiment with new motivation techniques and unlock hidden potentials in a revamped environment. Despite all benefits enclosed, a major concern here is the lack of intrinsic motivation that needs no badges, certificates of achievement or other perks to retain students’ interest. Is there any viable manner to keep the audience focused without the carrot – or the stick?

Outside the Classroom with a Middle School Librarian

Outside the Classroom is a series of interviews with professionals who work in education settings. From social work to occupational therapy, library science to administration, many jobs become a whole new ball game when students and academics are involved. Here are a few of our burning questions for the professionals that classroom teachers find themselves working alongside, and their advice for those who’d like to join them.

How Teachers Can Help Parents Support Their Children

Every teacher will have been approached at some point by parents who want to know how they can better support their child outside of school. Whilst we can all pull a few ideas from the top of our heads, here’s our top tips on what to suggest...