From Teacher to PhD Student: 8 Questions With Scott Haselwood

8 QUESTIONS is a new series of interviews with teachers who have effectively transitioned their classroom skills into new and exciting careers in the field of education. We at believe that teaching is a rigorous and diverse classroom in and of itself; the skills learned “in the trenches” can translate into an exciting portfolio of professional options. From education tech to consulting, the only “X factor” is where you want to go — our interviews hope to shine a light on the steps it takes to get there.

1. What's your name, location and career path?


Tools and Strategies for Classroom Organization

For teachers, organizing lesson plans can be just as challenging as drafting them. And when it comes to actually keeping a lesson on track (by starting and ending activities on time, regaining control of an unruly classroom or getting kids to turn in assignments the next day), a whole other set of challenges presents itself.

Teaching is so much more than helping kids learn: It’s also being your own administrative assistant, a disciplinarian, a scheduler and, at times, a referee.

We asked our Teach100 Mentors about their greatest challenges with classroom management, and what tools they use to organize their lesson plans and classroom resources.



What is your s…

6 Ways to Get (and Keep) Students’ Attention

Whether you teach kindergartners or college kids, regaining control of a noisy or distracted classroom can be challenging. We asked our Teach100 Mentors how they capture students’ attention.

What is your favorite method, tool or strategy for getting your classroom’s attention?
  • Use a special sound.

“Chimes. It is a pleasant, attractive sound that is not aggressive.” – Mary Tedrow, Walking to School

“I use a chime (Responsive Classroom) or a rhythmic clap. Both methods work best for me because they are auditory. The kids hear it and respond by putting their hands …

16 Best Teaching Tumblrs

If you like reading education blogs, you’re probably already familiar with Teach100; the blog is a great one-stop shop for writing tips from student teachers to school counselors.

But if you’re short on time, microblogs like Tumblrs may be more your speed. Since they’re designed as a way to quickly share — whether it’s thoughts, pictures, or news clippings — Tumblrs are fun and easy to skim, as well as participate in.

Here are a few of our favorite education blogs (in no particular order), ranging from silly to serious, for the next time you need a quick, fun or informative read:


  • I don’t do, I teach

      This blog is mainly a source of hilarious .gifs about the teaching experience, but also answers (h…


    Parent/Teacher Confluence: How (and Why) to Join Forces

    As school starts, you’re most likely dreading the Stresses of Semesters Past (SSPs, for short!): long grading sessions, state exam readiness panic or tension with parents.

    While not all teaching problems are preventable (we all will, at some point, get behind on homework grading), issues with parents can be circumvented. In fact, by being a little proactive, you may find a new set of learning allies for your students, and more help for you.

    The Importance of a United Front

    Have you ever received pushback from students’ parents about their behavior in the classroom?

    Parents may be surprised that their child is behaving differently in the classroom, but it’s important to remember that school is a separate environment than the one at home — and student behavior can drastically change between the two. For example, a st…

    10 Coursera Classes to Boost Your Teaching Skills

    It’s back to school for your students, but have you considered a few courses for yourself? If you want to acquire tools for helping kids with special needs, get acquainted with helpful ed tech and learn some leadership skills to get closer to that school principal position. With online education site Coursera, you can take free classes to advance your skills and career.

    Keep learning! Click on the course title to learn more about these classes, which take place fall through winter:

    1. Surviving Your Rookie Year of Teaching: 3 Key Ideas & High Leverage Techniques

    • School: UNSW Australia