7 Must Have Apps for Teachers in 2017

We know being a teacher’s job is not easy. The responsibilities are endless. Lectures to prepare for, test papers to grade – anything that can reduce the stress will be a blessing, won’t it? So we have compiled a list of 7 apps that will help you work smarter, increase efficiency and ease things up a little.


This app is a community of teacher’s parents and students and is helpful to each and every one. It lets student’s show-off their projects, lets the parents be a part of their school work and lets teachers share the amazing moments in class.  It also helps teachers give feedback to the students and message the parents without sharing the contact details. How useful is that? These messages can be translated into their preferred language and it is compatible with all devices. That tears down the language barriers for teachers with parents.

Google Classroom

This is a free app for teachers that lets you easily grade assignments and projects. Teachers can make announcements, start class discussions and give real-time feedback. Students can share helpful resources too. This app works with Google Docs, Gmail, Calendar, Drive and Forms. The plus point of this free app is that it doesn’t contain ads and doesn’t use your data for any kind of advertising.


Classtree is a parent-teacher communication app that simplifies the process of getting parents approval for field trips, picnics etc. This app will notify the parents about an upcoming event and lets you attach and send them the consent form which they can re-sign. You can see who has seen your event note and also keep a tab of the number of forms that are yet to be signed.


This app allows principals and teachers to send notifications, text messages and user alerts to thousands of people at once. This means that in case of an emergency in your school premises, the parents can be alerted at the click of a few buttons. You can pre- record a voice message announcing a snow day for the entire school or if there is a fire accident. You can send alerts as phone calls, text messages or emails. There is an easy contact management system and also details of the broadcasted messages.


This is probably the best note-taking app ever. Not only useful for teachers and educational institutions, it is a must have for almost every business organization. Trade those paper handouts with these notes for assignments and projects. Create a detailed to-do list for your students, share it with them, make notes for your coming lectures. There is so much you can do on this app.


Slack is very well known in the business world for making communication easy among teams and industries. This has also been gaining considerable importance among educational institutions. Professors and students can use this to communicate about projects and share important updates. Send direct messages, calls, share big files, connect all tools that you use on a daily basis – everything in one app. Super useful!


Is your class in the middle of a super interesting discussion and the bell rings?  This is your go-to app to keep the discussions going even after school or college hours. Teachers and students can share helpful resources and articles. Parents can be updated about what has been thought in class for the day and how their children are performing on assignments and tests. Reduced paperwork for teachers. No hard copies to carry around.

Do let us know if there are ant tools or apps that you suggest!

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