MathAlive!Math is all around us. It is in everything we do, from sports and exercise to video games and design concepts.

MathAlive! is an exhibit designed with that principal in mind. It aims to show students just how fundamental math is and how fun it can be. MathAlive! brings mathematics education to kids in interactive, imaginative and enjoyable ways. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (known as STEM) all come together in MathAlive! exhibits: 40 unique interactive experiences for children of all ages. Visitors will be able to ride snowboards, program robotic arms, design and play with their own video came characters, toy with camera lenses and design a skateboard! All of these activities incorporate aspects of STEM and will teach students the practical importance and applications of math while providing them with fun activities that make learning about math and science enjoyable.

Tour groups will be escorted through different stations offering each student the option of hands-on engagement at each stop. Celebrity personalities who use math and science in their day-to-day lives will also explain the importance that STEM plays in their profession. For example, professional skateboarder Eric Tuma Britton discusses the importance of math to his success in this video:

Teachers of grades 3 through 8 are encouraged to plan a field trip for their students to explore the exhibit. Parents are also encouraged to bring their children.