High School Student Nikhil Goyal Advocates for an Education Revolution in America

Nikhil Goyal, 17, a senior at Syosset High School in New York, wants to change public education in America, and he has more than a few ideas on where to start. Goyal is the author of the new book One Size Does Not Fit All: A Student's Assessment of School, in which he builds a case against standardized testing and advocates for a 21st century revolution in education. In Goyal's vision of American education, students' passion would be the driver of education, limited only by their teachers' ability to facilitate creativity, innovation and critical thinking.

Goyal recently visited the office and breathlessly explained the need for education to change from the delivery system of knowledge into the builder of a generation of problem solvers. And while you might not agree with everything he says, you will undoubtedly be inspired by this articulate, passionate young man. Do you agree with Goyal? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

  • guest

    I agree with Nikhil, and I’m excited by his energy and enthusiasm for changing the educational landscape!

    • Nikhil Goyal

      I appreciate it!

  • Patricia

    I’ve been a biology teacher for many years and the more I teach the more I see that the system is in place to literally squash the young student’s enthusiasm and natural curiousity. I want to find a local school that I can help that uses a non-curriculum form of education. After all, a student can learn to communicate to others through writing, speaking, blogging, poetry…etc. and it doesn’t matter what the topic is. Let a child explore what they really love, and they will use art, visuals, 3-D objects, experiences, sounds, music, writing, math, science and so much more. And if they can work with a group, they can learn from each other and the sky is the limit to what they can accomplish.

    • Nikhil Goyal

      Thanks Patricia!

  • Abuela

    Great minds and teachers of our future, please listen to Mr. Goyal. Shamefully he has been victimized by “The System” and is crying out for an ear. As the fingers on our hand we are all different but all have a whole lot to share but won’t if we are curtailed.

    We all complain that “everything is the same” but don’t do anything about it, not because we don’t care but because we don’t feel anyone is out there with an absortive brain to listen. Creativity is a DNA element in our body as are blue eyes or course hair ‘IT IS PART OF US. DO NOT AMPUTATE ANY PART OF ME UNTIL I AM DONE WITH IT”. Let my children teach you how they want and need to be taught. If you don’t, they will fail any and all test given to them yet cure Cancer, produce light without poisonous residual, fly you to a new Galaxy and back, all while failing your tests.

    LET MY CHILDREN LEARN AS THEY NEED TO LEARN NOT AS YOU THINK.!!!! Your think will be their sink. :-#

    • Nikhil Goyal

      Greatly appreciated!

  • Erum Kamran

    Welldone MR, Goyal, i really appreciate these BOLD step by this teenager who found himself trapped in an unnatural way of teaching methods ,but bold enough to CRY out and challenge the NATIONS of the world to RECTIFY NOW

    • Nikhil Goyal

      Thanks so much!