Announcing the Teach100! is proud to announce the launch of the Teach 100: an amazing new resource that ranks the internet’s best educational blogs. The Teach 100 utilizes dynamic technology to maintain a current ranking of educational blogs updated on a daily basis. Each blog is scored based on a variety of metrics--ranging from their social reach, the frequency of their activity, their Google authority, RSS activity, and more--to ensure a comprehensive score that assesses numerous aspects of a blog’s impact and reliability. The blogs are ranked in comparison to the scores of the other blogs on the list, and that ranking may change daily as the blog’s score changes.

The Teach 100 is fully interactive, and you can even submit your own educational blog to be included in the ranking! Accepted bloggers will receive a badge that they can embed on their blog to track their ranking. This is the place to connect you to the best educational blogs out there, and to help you get your own voice heard by submitting your blog to be ranked among some of the most authoritative educational experts on the web.

Check out the Teach 100 and share it with people you know who are interested in education. Find out who’s saying what in the education sphere, and join the conversation!

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