Top Humor Websites for Teachers

It's 2pm: you had a meeting before school, cleaned up a bloody nose, and now, with 30 minutes left of class, your last whiteboard marker has dried up. Sometimes, all you can do is laugh. Laughter may not substitute for proper medical care, but research does point to serious health benefits. Laughter can relieve stress and improve your memory, according to Loma Linda University. It also boosts the immune system—something every teacher needs—and even helps out your cholesterol numbers.

These seven sites have something for every kind of teacher. Whether you like jokes or memes, podcasts or comics, taking time for humor each day can help you handle the stress of daily life. Enjoy!

1. Teachers With a Sense of Humor

Bond with your …


5 Tips for Handling Rookie Year Stress

You’ve made it! Your first teaching assignment. The beginning of your rookie year is full of excitement and promise. It’s also full of surprises.

The stack of papers to be graded suddenly towers on your desktop and threatens to crush you alive. Administrators are calling you to meeting after endless meeting. You can’t use your planning hour to plan. Instead, your time’s consumed preparing materials, calling parents and completing an endless stream of paperwork. The pressure’s piling fast.

You can get through it. Here’s five tips to help you manage your rookie year stress.

Understand it Gets Better

Your first year is a learning experience. Nothing in your education can truly…


Top Educator Influencers on Twitter

Teacher Appreciation Week may be over, but while we've all taken time to thank the teachers we know IRL, let's also take a second to shout out the education Twittersphere. These tweeters continually inform, motivate, and entertain us on the topic of education, across all subjects, age ranges, and points-of-view.

They're our favorites--who are yours? Share below!

Steven W. Anderson/@web20classroom

Followers: 137K

Follow for:

  • Education technology
  • Student development
  • Teaching methods
  • Social media how-to's
  • Ed…

“Thank Teachers For….” (The Rest of This Sentence is Up to You!)

Teaching is one of those rare occupations in which simply "doing your job" can make a lifelong impression on someone. Covering the course material and helping students pass standardized tests is in the job description, but what about those hundred other little acts of kindness, patience, preparation, creativity, attention, and care that go into the work of education?

For example, I know a kindergarten teacher who recently used her Dunkin Donuts straw to convince an inconsolable 5 year old that his broken water bottle had been fixed. All in a day's work, right?

Students learn to graph equations and diagram sentences from teachers, but they also learn lifelong lessons about how to treat others, handle conflict, solve problems, and feel about themselves--based on the exa…


Letter from the Editor: Are You Teaching Students to Use Their “Tools”?

Mom and my sister--both teachers--find it funny that I ended up working for a website called “You just couldn’t escape,” my mom likes to laugh. A love of sharing information is in our blood. But I try to do more listening than talking around my mom. When she talks, I always learn something.

While waiting for the fireworks to start on Independence Day this year, my mom and I were discussing, of all things, word problems. My mom complained that her students hated them, which never made much sense to her.

“Saying that you like fractions or that you like algebra, but you don’t like word problems... that's basically saying you like having a box full of tools, but you don't like fixing anything with them.”

My mom re…


Using Crowdfunding To Motivate Students

The following is a guest post from Teach100 blogger Carissa Peck

When I read about motivating students, a lot of it comes down to things that I as the teacher am supposed to do, including:

  • Reinforcing positive behavior
  • Providing options for student assignments
  • Planning lessons around student interests
  • Providing students with positive reinforcement (i.e., pizza parties, stickers, extra credit)

The list goes on.

These teacher-focused motivation tools got me thinking — if I want my students to be motivated, why am I the one putting in all of the effort to keep them motivated? They should be intrinsically motivated, …


Parent/Teacher Confluence: How (and Why) to Join Forces

As school starts, you’re most likely dreading the Stresses of Semesters Past (SSPs, for short!): long grading sessions, state exam readiness panic or tension with parents.

While not all teaching problems are preventable (we all will, at some point, get behind on homework grading), issues with parents can be circumvented. In fact, by being a little proactive, you may find a new set of learning allies for your students, and more help for you.

The Importance of a United Front

Have you ever received pushback from students’ parents about their behavior in the classroom?

Parents may be surprised that their child is behaving differently in the classroom, but it’s important to remember that school is a separate environment than the one at home — and student behavior can drastically change between the two. For example, a st…

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