What the Government Shutdown Means for Education

With so many federal government workers facing furloughs because of the recent government shutdown, one must pause and wonder how shutdowns affect the education system, which receives funding from federal, state and local sources.


China Looking to US for Hands-On Science Instruction

When it comes to science and mathematics education, the United States has often ranked low compared to our educational counterparts in Asian countries like Japan and South Korea. However, China has started to look to the United States for something that their science curriculum has been lacking: hands-on activities. According to Education News, in an effort to improve their higher education systems, China is working to improve what is lacking in early education institutions. With a past shift on standardized testing, China is starting to realize the higher value in practices that include more practical and hands…


Keeping Students in School

It is common knowledge that attendance is crucial to school success, with chronic absenteeism negatively impacting students’ grades and even serving as an indicator of future dropouts. However, it is not just truant students who are “at risk.” Students who miss a lot of school due to le…


Book Recommendations for Reluctant Readers: Thinking Outside the Box [by Nicole Winters]

The typical recommended young adult (YA) reading list on the internet will usually consist of classic titles, along with recent big successes in various genres with proven popularity or staying power. While there’s nothing wrong with mentioning these books (they are a safe bet) I would argue that they’re missing an untapped gold mine of exciting books, including adult and nonfiction, when they’re branded as “recommended books for reluctant readers”.

The people who create YA book lists are readers themselves, which makes sense as they have a rich background of reading and enthusiastically want to share what they themselves have enjoyed. Naturally, on some level there is a bias towards the literature that they either grew up reading or currently like. The problem is that this leads to recommended re…

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