Tools and Strategies for Classroom Organization

For teachers, organizing lesson plans can be just as challenging as drafting them. And when it comes to actually keeping a lesson on track (by starting and ending activities on time, regaining control of an unruly classroom or getting kids to turn in assignments the next day), a whole other set of challenges presents itself.

Teaching is so much more than helping kids learn: It’s also being your own administrative assistant, a disciplinarian, a scheduler and, at times, a referee.

We asked our Teach100 Mentors about their greatest challenges with classroom management, and what tools they use to organize their lesson plans and classroom resources.

What is your s…

9 Maker Projects for Beginner Maker Ed Teachers

Maker education (often referred to as “Maker Ed”) is a new school of educational thought that focuses on delivering constructivist, project-based learning curriculum and instructional units to students. Maker education spaces can be as large as full high school workshops with high-tech tools, or as small and low-tech as one corner of an elementary classroom. A makerspace isn't just about the tools and equipment, but the sort of learning experience the space provides to students who are making projects.

Maker Ed places a premium on the balance between exploration and execution. Small projects lend themselves to indef…


6 Ways to Get (and Keep) Students’ Attention

Whether you teach kindergartners or college kids, regaining control of a noisy or distracted classroom can be challenging. We asked our Teach100 Mentors how they capture students’ attention.

What is your favorite method, tool or strategy for getting your classroom’s attention?

  1. Use a special sound.
  2. “Chimes. It is a pleasant, attractive sound that is not aggressive.” – Mary Tedrow, Walking to School

    “I use a chime (Responsive Classroom) or a rhythmic clap. Both methods work best for me because they are auditory. The kids hear it and respond by putting their hands …


SXSWedu 2015: Key Themes and Takeaways attended this year’s SXSWedu conference (March 9-12, 2015) in Austin, Texas. Our goal? To shine a light on the conference’s teacher voice, an aspect of SXSWedu that past years have noted has been missing. While a lot of factors come into play as to why there are less teachers at the year’s “biggest education conference” — funding, time off from school, spring break schedules — what’s important to know is that the teacher voice at SXSWedu is alive and well.

From hip hop in the classroom, to professional development, to digital leadership, the sessions at this year’s SXSWedu highlighted the diversity of the education community. As noted in the con…


SXSWedu Teacher of the Day: Shawn Young, Classcraft

This week at SXSWedu, will be featuring one teacher per day who is bringing creativity and innovation into their classroom. Be sure to read more about our other Featured Teachers and learn how you can bring their practices in your classroom.

Founder & CEO, Classcraft, Quebec, Canada