Teach100 Mentor In Pictures: Give Teachers Thanks

We could TELL you just how much teachers do, but a picture's worth a thousand words: we'll let our most recent survey results show you.

We asked Teach100 Mentors about the above-and-beyond efforts they've made this past year, and the results are conclusive: teachers are killing it. We also asked them to write themselves the thank-you card they'd like to receive from students and parents, and using designs from the #thankteachersfor project, we brought them to life. Thank a teacher today!


INFOGRAPHIC: Education Around the World

This infopraphic features a detailed breakdown of education statistics everywhere from North America to Sub Saharan Africa.

Standout numbers include student-to-teacher ratios (25-to-one in Mexico vs. six-to-one in Sweden), and college enrollment vs. graduation rates.

Interesting stuff, courtesy of Limerick Tutorial College:

Education Around The World - An infographic by the team at


The Impact Effective Principals Have on Education: INFOGRAPHIC

While there are many facets to a strong and valuable educational experience for children, there is one that oft overlooked: leadership. Queens University of Charlotte put together this infographic on “The Impact Effective Principals Have on Education,” making a strong case for the importance of high-quality leaders to effectively shepherd their schools and districts--and how a lacktherof may be holding us all back.

A few notable stats:

  • Teachers who report their principals as “excellent” are 14 percent more likely to report opportunities for professional development
  • 56 percent fewer behavioral incidents resulting in students being sent to the principal’s office
  • An effective principal is equivalent to between two and seven months of additional learning
  • There are expected to be nearly 100,000 job openings for principals by 2020

The Change of the M-STEP Due to Public and Teacher Feedback

Teachers, parents, and students often felt powerless when it came to government-mandated standardized tests such as the Michigan Student Test for Educational Progress (M-STEP).

It was difficult for teachers and parents to understand if the amount of time spent on standardized testing was necessary and beneficial to students. Hours were taken away from teaching and learning time last school year in order to administer the M-STEP. This was a problem.

The M-STEP was also an online test. This took computer time away from teachers and students who needed them for instructional and learning purposes. This was another problem.

There were also technology problems such as software failures, which also ate up teaching and learning time.

Teachers across the state had issues with th…


“Thank Teachers For….” (The Rest of This Sentence is Up to You!)

Teaching is one of those rare occupations in which simply "doing your job" can make a lifelong impression on someone. Covering the course material and helping students pass standardized tests is in the job description, but what about those hundred other little acts of kindness, patience, preparation, creativity, attention, and care that go into the work of education?

For example, I know a kindergarten teacher who recently used her Dunkin Donuts straw to convince an inconsolable 5 year old that his broken water bottle had been fixed. All in a day's work, right?

Students learn to graph equations and diagram sentences from teachers, but they also learn lifelong lessons about how to treat others, handle conflict, solve problems, and feel about themselves--based on the exa…


How WebRTC Will Revolutionize Education Worldwide

One of the most innovative changes to the education system today is the use of video in a variety of different settings to help communicate knowledge, allowing for better distance-based teaching methods. Everything from a professor’s office hours to an entire seminar can be conducted online by using video. The use of video in education also comes with the promise of better long-distance opportunities for those who don’t have access to education right outside their front doors.

One piece of technology that is leading the charge in this video revolution is WebRTC, an open-source platform that allows you to integrate very high quality video, audio and data communication into the most popular education services and apps available today. WebRTC gives teachers and stude…


Teacher’s Guide to Bullying, Part 2: Who’s At Risk?

Author, trainer and practitioner Adrienne Katz is a director of the Bullying Intervention Group (BIG Award) which runs a national award for excellence in bullying intervention. She a partner in many research programmes and runs the Cybersurvey, exploring the online experiences of young people and their views on the e-safety education they have received (see her full bio below). We asked her a series of questions about bullying, and the following is her answers, in her own words!

Are there some students who are more likely to experience bullying?

While the whole emphasis of bullying intervention work strives to avoid labelling kids, it is true that data we collect regularly from anonymous pupil surveys does show that some people are being targeted more than others. Any difference, whether…

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